"It ain't gonna matter to you if Huck and me are
dead or not because when the ball goes up, you're
the first person I'm gonna kill."
"On the way, I decided I didn’t want to kill any
more of those men from Denver than we had to.
Hell, I didn’t even want to kill Cole and Cantry.
The more you kill the easier it gets. And I’d been
fighting that killing urge for a while by the time
that cool, crisp morning rolled around."
“It’s just this Huck. I want
you to know that I’ve
changed my way of
thinking. You notice that I
don’t use the word nigger
no more, I mean anymore. I
think it’s hurtful to colored
"We started out about mid-afternoon. The battle
was still in full force and the cries from the dying
and wounded stayed with me long after I could
hear them no more."
“Well Huck, if I was you I’d make tracks outta here
and be long gone by the time he comes around.
As for myself, the first stirrings outta him and I’m
gonna make myself scarce. When he starts to
move again this place will empty out like it was on
fire. Even my barmen will find things to do in the
back room.”