“That was the pinch in the game for me. With a quick look to Tom,
I stepped out of the barn. Now, I’ve always been a fair to middling
shot with a long gun. And I must admit that I haven’t up to that
time had much truck with six-shooters. And  pap always said there
was a devil in us Finns. He said we had an Irish temper that
couldn’t be tamed, but I always thought that was a lot of hog wash.
However, on that gray morning I knew without thinking about it
that if I pointed that Dragoon Colt at a man, he’d be dead long
before he hit the ground.”
With tears running down his cheeks Jed said, “My friend, what I owe
you I cannot pay. This is all that I can do.” Saying that, he lifted his
six-shooter from the ground where it lay and slowly filled a chamber
with ball and powder. Then he placed it against Gray Wolf’s temple.
Gray Wolf smiled and nodded. The gun bucked in Jed’s hand and
Gray Wolf was at peace. Six years later the trail of the killers led
Jed to Redemption.
(Huck speaking) ... After saying good-bye to Miss Emma and
thanking her for her fine food, I saddled my horse and headed north,
but I never did make it back to Missouri. I got other jobs as a
lawman over the years. I even worked for Bill Brady for a spell, he
who became famous, or infamous, in the Lincoln County War.
Sometimes I was a sheriff or marshal and sometimes I worked as a
deputy. I did time in Abilene, Dodge, Ogallala and Durango to
mention just a few. Not all towns had need of my services, but I
honed my skills a little in each place I found work. My reputation
grew, but I wish it hadn’t because the more well-known I became,
the harder it made my job. There was always some young gun slick
who wanted to make a name for himself by killing the fast gun Huck
Finn. Then in the summer of '73 all that I had learned through the
years was put into play when I rode into Redemption Colorado.
What Tom did not say was that he was going to Huck Finn because
he wanted to be in a dangerous land where a man could be killed
for looking at another man the wrong way. Tom Sawyer did not want
to live very much longer. However, only a coward would take his
own life, but there are many ways to die. A week later, Tom was on
a ship headed for Redemption by way of Abilene.